What’s Your Biggest Warning Sign to Avoid a Potential Customer?

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We asked our readers how they know this crucial information. Here are some of our favorite responses shared by our readers on the WFB Facebook and Instagram pages:


"I'm going to serve as the GC."

John Booth

When they say, "It doesn't have to be that great."

Dane Smidt

"I don't want to be 'that customer.'"

Proceeds to be "that customer."


"We never pay a down payment."

Bill Bagley

"I'm really easy to work with! Those other guys were just very unprofessional."

Mark Hanes

When a potential client contacts you and after a 5-minute conversation they say they've had four other bids already.

Michael McDermott

The job was already started by another floor man.


"This project has taken forever! I had to fire the plumber and the painter because they didn't listen to me."

T.J. Haas

Usually when they contact me.


"We called you because of your 20 years experience and dozens of glowing on line reviews. Can you please provide three references for this 200-square-foot refinish and write an essay explaining why this you think you might be good enough?"


"My partner and I are attorneys." 

Attila Nagy

"If I help you is it cheaper?"


"I need it done FAST but at the lowest price possible AND tell me in detail all about your sanding process, are you licensed, can I get 10 references … are you the owner?"

Daniel Springer

If another contractor "did a crappy job" and never came back for their tools.

Glenn Harris

When their first question is, "What's your square foot price?"

Benny Powell

When they clearly have unrealistic expectations, usually combined with tight budget, and needing it now!

Jim Dalton

"I'm a designer…"

"I could have done it but don't have the time…"

"I took the whole week off so I can be here every day, every single day."

Thomas Lane

Nitpicking other contractors during the estimate.

Warren Burns

"Can you break down the bid?" ("... so I can shop your price…")

Aj Bila

"I am an engineer. Soo…"

Barry Oliver

My gut, I've learned to trust my gut and if things feel off it's not worth my time. Why deal with bad clients when you have good ones.

Chris McElroy

"I've done my own floors at my old house, so make sure your price is right or I'll probably do it myself."

Jimmy Grady

First and foremost my gut feeling. Usually you know the second you start talking to them if you want the job. Close seconds are when they mention YouTube, question the price point or hand me a piece of LVP and say, "We are wanting to make our floors this color."

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