David 't Hart of Rotterdam, Netherlands-based Hart Voor Hout (Dutch for "Heart for Wood") was given two words of instruction for his second-ever wood floor installation: "Art Deco." He let his imagination take it from there for the 400-square-foot project, pictures of which went viral on Instagram. After drawing the design on the plywood subfloor, 't Hart, a furniture maker by trade, hand-cut each piece of the oak floor with a Japanese pull saw. Installing the floor with adhesive, 't Hart left ½-inch gaps between each of the boards to later be filled with one of the prides of the Netherlands: marine deck caulk. "The Dutch people make the best, biggest ships for the rich people," 't Hart says, noting the resulting popularity of deck caulking for flooring in his area. "That's the only thing we are good at," he laughs (though just a glance at his floor disproves this). He sanded the floor with a palm sander and applied four coats of water-based finish. "It's a high-class piece of furniture, a floor," 't Hart reflects after the immensely educational job. "It's a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, and I hope I can find someone else to commission one." Judging by the huge reaction the Art Deco floor has gotten on social media, that ship will come in sooner rather than later—marine deck caulk and all.


Abrasives: Würth | Finish: Skylt | Palm sander, Vacuums: Festool



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