2019 Repair + Maintenance Product Focus

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Obb 1018 Wfb On18 Maintenance Bona Sm

Bona US
Bona Professional Series Hardwood Floor Care Systems are designed for effective and easy care of hardwood floors. These floor care products are safe for floors, families and the environment, the company says. They are also available in formulations for stone, tile and laminate.



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Osmo Holz und Color GmbH & Co. KG
Osmo's Maintenance Oil is a transparent, fast-drying wood finish for the routine care and maintenance of wood flooring treated with Polyx-Oil, the company says. It is designed to restore dull, matte wood flooring and is ideal for commercial interiors. Buffing machine applications of the oil are possible, and 1 liter covers approximately 450–646 square feet with one coat.



4 X 1017 Wfb On17 Pf Repair Woodwise Sm

Woodwise/Design Hardwood Products
Woodwise Mop Kit includes a terry mop head and handle; two machine-washable, 100 percent terry cloth covers; 1 quart of Ready-to-Use Spray Cleaner; and 1 quart of Concentrate Cleaner. The mop has a swivel design and low-profile head for hard-to-reach areas. The Cleaner cleans all surface-coated floors except wax-based finishes.


Other Participating Manufacturers


8 X 1019 Wfb On19 Pf Maintenance American Sanders Sm

American Sanders
The Wood Floor Cleaning Kit is designed for daily spot cleaning and general upkeep. It is safe to use on all wood floors and includes a four-piece mop, two washable microfiber mop pads and a 32-ounce bottle of TimberClean Daily water-based wood floor cleaner.



4 V 1017 Wfb On17 Pf Repair Bostik Sm

Bostik Inc.
Bostik's Simple-Fix is a two-part epoxy specially formulated for repair of hollow spots under hardwood flooring. It has very low viscosity, so even a large hollow spot may be filled from a single 1⁄8-inch hole, and it is exceptionally easy to gun from a standard 10-ounce cartridge gun, the company says.



4 W 1017 Wfb On17 Pf Repair Cal Flor Sm

Cal Flor Accessory Systems
Cal Flor's Mix2Match repair line was developed to be an easy, customized repair solution for use in the home or workspace. These four kits allow repairs to many types of damage on almost any hard surface, the company says, adding that the fillers hold fast and will not break or pop out.



8 Y 1019 Wfb On19 Pf Maintenance Hardwood Industry Prod Sm

Hardwood Industry Products
The EZ Pro Injector Repair System can be injected into engineered or solid wood floors via a hole the size of a toothpick. It uses a special injection-grade adhesive designed to fix pops, squeaks, and hollow spots.



4 Z 1018 Wfb On18 Maintenance Mohawk Sm

Mohawk Finishing Products
Mohawk's Hard Fill Kit contains all the products and tools needed to repair minor and medium defects in wood and rigid plastic, the company says. The kit, which comes in a handy carrying case, is recommended for repairs on floors, tops, fronts, sides, doors, drawers and other wood surfaces, the company adds.



Oaa 1017 Wfb As17 Pf Repair Pallmann Sm

Pallmann P-17 is a no waste, one-component polyurethane adhesive used to repair hollow spots under wood or laminate flooring caused by inadequate adhesive coverage, adhesive delamination, subfloor gaps and substandard adhesive transfer. The product features excellent flow with superior bridging capabilities for the toughest repairs, the company says.



8 Z 1019 Wfb On19 Pf Maintenance Professional Coatings Sm

Professional Coatings Inc.
ProCare Citrus Floor Cleaner is designed to clean and enhance the natural beauty of hardwood floors. Its formula is environmentally safe and leaves a fresh citrus aroma with no streaks or dulling residue, the company says. It is made in the U.S.



Obb 1017 Wfb As17 Pf Repair Rubio Sm

Rubio Monocoat USA LLC
Rubio Monocoat Refresh Eco is a ready-to-use spray product that refreshes and restores wooden surfaces that have been treated with oil. Depending on wear and tear, Refresh Eco can be applied several times a year on certain areas. Refresh Eco is not pigmented.



9 A 1019 Wfb On19 Pf Maintenance Waterlox Sm

Waterlox Coatings Corporation
Waterlox's Wood Surface Cleaner is designed for every day, light-duty cleaning, and its Original Cleaner Concentrate is made for heavy-duty cleaning of large surfaces, the company says.



9 B 1019 Wfb On19 Pf Maintenance Woca Sm

WOCA Tannin Spot Remover effectively removes rust stains and black stains caused by metal reacting with water, the company says. It can be used on raw wood, penetrating oil, UV oil, and hardwax oil finished wood.


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