2022 Repair + Maintenance Product Focus

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See the latest repair and maintenance products. The companies below are advertisers in the October/November 2022 issue of Wood Floor Business.


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American Sanders
The Wood Floor Cleaning Kit is designed for daily spot cleaning and general upkeep. It is safe to use on all wood floors and includes a mop, two washable microfiber mop pads and a 32-ounce bottle of TimberClean Daily water-based wood floor cleaner. It is available through American Sanders distributors or online.



The Bona Pro Series Hardwood Floor Care Kit is designed for all types of unwaxed, residential and commercial polyurethane finished wood floors, and prefinished, aluminum-oxide floors. It leaves no dulling residue and is safe for wood floors, the company says.



Canlak Coatings/Craftsman's Choice
Craftsman’s Choice Hardwood, Laminate, Stone, & Tile Cleaners and Scuff Removers are designed for routine maintenance and cleaning by both professionals and homeowners on residential, commercial and gymnasium floors. They are safe for polyurethane-treated, factory prefinished and laminated wood floors, as well as wood, stone and tile surfaces.
absolutecoatings.com/product-category/ craftsmans-choice/



PoloPlaz Hardwood Cleaner safely and effectively removes dirt and film from commercial, residential, gym and sport floors, the company says. It can be used for daily and weekly maintenance, spot cleaning and routine cleaning before and after activities. It helps reduce “slick” floors caused by buildup of dust, perspiration, and oil-based cleaners, the company adds.



Woodwise/Design Hardwood Products
Woodwise’s Hardwood Floor Maintenance Kit includes a swivel head applicator, two machine-washable, lint-free microfiber cleaning pads, 1-Qt Ready-to-Use Spray Cleaner, 1-Qt Concentrate Cleaner and a lightweight, four-piece collapsible handle. The cleaner cleans all surface-coated floors except wax-based finishes and leaves no residue. The mop’s swivel-head design and low-profile head is ideal for hard-to-reach areas, the company says.



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