2024 Surfaces Exhibitor Showcase

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The following companies—all advertisers in this issue—will be attending Surfaces Jan. 24–26, 2024, in Las Vegas. See below for information about where to find them on the show floor and what products they'll be highlighting.




Premium Partner



Stauf USA
The WFR-930 adhesive features a two-year shelf life, 680+ PSI shear strength, and exceptional spreadability, ensuring a reliable, efficient bond, the company says. It also has an easy clean up with no residue.
staufusa.com | Booth 5878




Featured Suppliers



Delmhorst Instrument Company
The JX-20 and JX-30 are professional-grade, accurate and versatile, the company says. The JX-30 features the Delmhorst Edge App with expanded wood species, customizable settings, geotagging and data sharing from any location, the company adds.
delmhorst.com | Booth 6652





Lignomat USA Ltd.
Lignomat's package for the floor installer and inspector features the Ligno-VersTec with pin, pinless and RH modes. The meter is accurate and easy to use with dual-depth pinless measuring mode, the company says. The depth electrode E12 allows for measuring subfloors without removing the floor planks. The inspect electrode E14 allows for measuring the hardest floor coverings, such as strand bamboo.
lignomat.com | Booth 5869





Wagner Meters
The award-winning Orion 950 Smart Pinless Wood Moisture Meter offers dual-depth moisture measurement, and that is only the beginning, the company says. The 950 is versatile and features thermo-hygrometer functionality, EMC calculation, data storage, wireless connection to free smart-device apps and more, the company adds. When installing floors over concrete, relative humidity testing can be done with the C555 Concrete Moisture Meter.
wagnermeters.com | Booth 5462



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