Readers Respond: I Have Too Many…

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to list something they have too much of. Here’s what they said:

Troy Stanfield

Spent miter saw blades.

Dave Marzalek

Hand scrapers.

Dane Smidt

Used big machine belts, I might use them as a first cut at a 45 depending on how messed up the floor is.

Doug LeClair

The wife thinks I have too many vacuums. 🤔

Obe Martell


Brendan Gillespie


Attila Nagy

Aching knees and shoulders.

Andreas Colléte

Slip of paper with question marks.

T.J. Haas


Alan Lovstad

Used screens.

Gregory Dozorec


Glenn Harris

Opened cans of stain.

Andrew Halabrin

Too many of: crusty pairs of socks! Too few of: helpers.

Ron Teljeur

Dust collection systems.

Jim Hyde

Edgers. Thanks to the multi-disc machines we barely use them anymore. Mostly for grinding high spots on subfloors before installs.

Chuck Kutchera


Eugene Stone

Nail sets.

James Ulric Erlandsson

Bulging discs.

William Burnam


Dale Swirsding


Daniel Springer

Anything used in the installation and sanding of a wood floor.

Brown Oaks Flooring

Loose staples and finish nails.

Josh Brake

Caulk guns. It’s usually just cheaper to buy one than go get it. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Eternity Floors

Cans of stain.

Delaware Valley Hardwoods

Caulk guns, stain cans and loose boards from open bundles. No one ever has enough edger keys, but I somehow have 30 of them. Half racks of staples and cleats that don’t fit the gun. I put them on a window sill and then pick them up at the end of a job and somehow they’re not as worthy as full racks, so they don’t get put in the guns, but on a shelf in the van to look at and say “I should use these on the next install” for eternity.

Cottonwood Finishes LLC

Scrapers. So many scrapers.

Tracey Davis

Me. I don’t have enough of Me! I need to look 👀 into cloning.

Jeremy Daniels

Trucks, downsized


Splinters. 😢😂

JP Timber Floors

Outstanding invoices. 😂

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