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Thermo-Treated Wood Flooring On The Go

Ryan Kushner
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Obb 1021 Wfb On21 Wdwrks Roll Floor Rv LgHiking boots? Check. Camping tent? Check. Wood floor...? Well, if you’re Igor Danchenko, then check. With the invention of his portable Roll Floor mats, Danchenko wanted to create a wood floor that can be used on the go—whether in the kitchen, garage or, yes, even an outdoor campsite.

“Everybody has uncomfortable floor areas, which they’d prefer to cover with a warm and touch-friendly natural wood mat,” he says. Danchenko, who holds a patent for one of the world’s five thermal modifications of lumber technologies, creates Roll Floor’s wood using 400-plus-degree heat in an oxygen-free environment. “When in this environment, the wood will not burn, but the heat will remove the wood’s ability to absorb water, expand, contract, or provide organisms nourishment,” says Danchenko, who also offers thermo-treated elm flooring for traditional flooring applications.

The Roll Floor boards are coated with UV-resistant oil and connected with outdoor-rated rubber, which allows them to be rolled. The versatile invention won’t keep dirt from getting on top of your wood floors, of course; but as for putting wood floors on top of the dirt? Check. (Roll Floors can be purchased here.)

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