Wood floor pros have unearthed some scary sights during demos (dessicated animals come to mind). But how many people have removed a floor and come face-to-face with a viking? A couple in Nordland County, Norway, tore out their 100-year-old wood floor earlier this year to discover the 1914 home had been built over a viking burial ground. After finding an iron axe amid the rubble, the homeowners contacted the county, which brought archeologists to the scene. The archeologists have since discovered iron arrowheads and a skeleton they've dated to the Iron Age, between 800–1100 A.D. "I've been doing excavations for 30 years," an archeologist told NRK, Norway's state media. "This is the first time I have experienced that something like this appears under a house." As the excavation continues, the Nordland couple have willingly given control of the home over to the archeologists. It's a big imposition, but if you found a dead viking under your house, you might be OK with getting away for a little while, too.

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