WFB asked its followers on Facebook and Instagram what their fantasy wood floor would be to install. Here's what some of them said:

Pete Helton Jr.

1,000 square feet in one room straight-laid 31/4, all walls are square and subfloor is flat as can be. I bid high as hell and they say, "Is that all?" They say, "How close can you get it to natural?"


Any floor from Legno Bastone, of course!!


End grain mosaic.

Ed Reneau

The Oval Office.

Joshua Crossman

8-inch mesquite end grain.


Black walnut quarter/riftsawn 7-inch wide planks.


Josh Hansman

Maybe not this exactly, but something like this. An optical illusion floor that is more than just a repetitive parquet pattern!!! Who's with me???


Lorie Davidson

Live-edge borders wrapping the room with butterfly joints on the miters. A European oak herringbone field with mosaic leaf inlays.

Art Parquet Andy

I suppose, working for who I work for, I would go with this palace parquet.



Solid, random width, rough-face character maple, no t&g, glued down, hand-scraped, reactive-stained, oiled.

Donald Christie

I was in Germany and had to sneak a photo (we weren't supposed to take them in this palace). I couldn't help it. I got yelled at in German. I was blown away. Everyone was looking up and around, me straight down.


Josh Powell

A fish scale or houndstooth pattern would be cool! With rainbow poplar, maybe.


A floor mural of Joe Rogan's favorite archery hunt in his new studio.


A rustic recycled Aussie hardwood herringbone.

Christopher Morrison

Reclaimed/ sinker Cypress end grain.

Chuck Kutchera

Being rich enough to have someone else to do it.

Nate Sitz

None. Installing is the worst.


Wenge or Pacific maple.

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