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OSHA Revises COVID-19 Workplace Guidelines

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued revised workplace guidelines when it comes to COVID-19 safety.

The new guidance includes implementing a detailed COVID-19 prevention program for the workplace that includes the following, according to the World Floor Covering Association: 

  • Assigning a workplace coordinator
  • Establishing a program to educate and train workers on the risk of COVID-19 and prevention practices
  • Creating an anonymous process to report concerns
  • Creating social distancing guides
  • Making flexible work hours to minimize exposure
  • Installing barriers, such as plexiglass
  • Supplying and enforcing face covering requirements
  • Installing ventilation systems
  • Providing needed PPE
  • Quarantining and isolating workers that have been infected by or exposed to COVID-19
  • Implementing enhanced cleaning and disinfecting
  • Setting up COVID-19 screening and testing programs
  • Reporting COVID-19 infections for companies that have had 10 or more employees in the last year
  • Paying for vaccination of employees
  • Ensuring not to discriminate against unvaccinated employees.

“The new guidelines are not a federal standard or regulation, so it does not create new legal obligations on employers,” the WFCA noted. “However, the revised OSHA guidance should not be ignored.”

President Biden directed OSHA Jan. 21 to create an emergency standard for COVID-19 workplace protocol that is to be made public by March 15.

OSHA COVID-19 guidelines specifically for the construction industry can be found here

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