Use This Checklist For Daily Edger Maintenance

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In my decades as a service pro for sanding machines, I would always talk to pros about setting up their schedule so that in the afternoon, when they got back at the shop, their machines got attention at the end of every day. Of course, you can always do these things on the job, but my thinking has always been that a customer’s home isn’t the best place to blow machines out or do maintenance—it can send a signal that everything isn’t in working order. I suggest always showing up on the job with clean equipment that is ready to get to work.

Here’s my daily checklist I recommend to keep your edgers running well.

 1) Clean them. Do not just blow them off, but blow them OUT. Dust is the enemy. It acts like an insulator and will not dissipate heat. Machines then run hot, which can cause breakdown of wire insulation and will lead to a shorted motor. It can cause premature wear on carbon brushes and/or the commutator on the armature. And, it will shorten the life of the bearings.

2) Check the disc pad. There’s nothing worse than a pad that hops around and leaves a bunch of marks on the floor.

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3) Check casters. Make sure they are not bent and are free of debris and roll freely.

4) Check the lamp. It’s nice to be able to see what you’re doing.

5) Check the switch. Make sure it’s operating smoothly and without hesitation. Dust will interfere with the contacts and cause arcing, leading to a burnt out switch.

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6) Check the drive belt for the correct tension or for wear (for edgers that are equipped with one).

7) Check the lubricant/grease (for edgers that are equipped with a gear box). If necessary, add more.

8) Check carbon brushes. Change if needed.

9) Check your cord and connections. Make sure plugs are tight and in good shape, with earth grounds attached and operating.

With these things checked at the end of the day, you are less likely to have a breakdown during your next job, and we all know that when an edger goes down, the time seeking repair can add up quickly. Some companies will share the profit and loss statements on jobs and pay bonuses for efficiency. I think that helps workers understand the cost of premature breakdowns and motivate them to go to the effort of doing the daily maintenance required to keep an edger edging. 

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