Readers Respond: What Was the Big Machine You Learned On?

Wood floor pro Paul Massey started on the big machine at a young age.
Wood floor pro Paul Massey started on the big machine at a young age.

T.J. Haas

Lagler Elf 300 and American 12.

Stephen KS-Floortech

2003 Essex Silver-Line Pro8. 😎🙌😎🙌😎

Pete Helton

Paul Massey

(see pic above)

Alisson Carvalho


Sprigg Singleton Lynn

My dad did “bumping and scraping,” he called it. No sander, just you and the floor.

Joe Smith

Joe Smith

American Super 8 w/ split drum that I bought off my cousin.

David Runyon

76 KT drum machine. To this day it is the smoothest cutting BM I've ever run.

Chuck Kutchera

Clark 504 split drum. Was old when I started and was one of the better ones they had. The owner also had one of the employees go to and learn how to work on them, and had a workshop to do it.

Jerry Curran

ClarkE 504 50+ years ago and they are still running with the same Peerless motors.

 Dennis Cudd

American Super 83. They had low and high wired together and we got super high! It was bad!! 😆 But only for a few minutes. 😆 Then the 3 1/2 hp Hummel with wooden handles.

Danny Stenhouse

Danny Stenhouse

1988 Lagler elf. Still own her. It’s why I’m so good, haha.

Jason Mack

Clarke split drum.

Ron Teljeur


Dave Marzalek


Lorie Davidson

Classic 8 and a split drum.

Scott Achterberg

Some kind of ancient American Lincoln I purchased used.

Eugene Stone

Clarke 8” split drum to start. Then my dad moved us up to the 10” and then finally up to the 12”. I used the Clarke 12” for my entire career .

Mike Peterson

12-inch American Lincoln.

Damien Knox

Galaxy 12-inch.

Lou LiCausi

American Super 83 squareback.

Kyle Bell

American 8 and still use it every job.

Bill Bagley

Boss had a Hummel!

Jimmy Grady

American Standard 12.

Bob Alberding

My first 5 years I used a Lägler trio only on new installs start to finish.

Paul Digiore

American 12 split.

Marlin Yoder

American 8 in gym. First day I thought I would never do this another day. Then did it for about 10 years, although we eventually got gym riders.

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Jim Hyde

Silver line Whippet, the thing was a beast and I bought it from my old boss's estate.

Troy Stanfield


Thomas Lane

Thomas Lane

Hummel from 2003 ... Has a few miles on it but keeps on cutting.

Jerry Burt

American super 83 ( roughed out by 10am ☕️).

Dave Mitchell Jr.

KT split drum.

Brad Moore

Split-drum Galaxy.

Brendan Hill

12-inch Macpherson.

Frank Strohecker

Clark Floorcrafter.

St. Louis Wood Floors LLC

Clarke 504 6.5-hp.

Glen Gilbertson

12’’ Vinco.

Oliveira Vinny

Oliveira Vinny

Galaxy 2000. Couldn't wait to get promoted!!!.

Tchardwood Floors

Silver-Line (I don’t know if that counts) then Galaxy 12.

James Leifeste


Anthony Perl

I learned on a DU8 but the first real big machine was a Galaxy 2000.

 John Leonard


Integrity Hardwood Flooring LLC

Clarke 504 split drum. 

Frank Poirier

It was an old Super 8! Yes, drum machine. There were no belt machines back in the olden days.

Larry Israel

American 12 drum with a 4-horse Peerless.

Mark Crooks

Boss said if I could help make a floor flat with a DU8 I could run them all.

Ash Stuart-Smith

Frank 200.

Johnny Rodriguez


Sean Tupper

2 Americans hooked back to back.

Jim Dalton

American Super-8.

Steven Triplett Jr.

The old 10” Orebro. I still have four of them I can’t bring myself to get rid of. I think I’ll restore one just for nostalgia.

Doug Le Clair

Doug LeClair

Clarke CF-12. 

Paul Shirley

American Super 8. Also had a American Standard 8 and an American Light 8.

Scott Eubanks

Old 504.

Custom Quality Flooring LLC


Matthew Wakefield

Clarke Apollo 8.

Josh Swenson


Matt Denoma

American 8.

Gary Dean

American 12.

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