What Is Your Favorite Flat Floor Photo?

2 D 223 Wfb Fm23 Talking Shop Bob Alberding



2 L 223 Wfb Fm23 Talking Shop Michael Settlemyre Lg

Michael Settlemyre

This walnut floor was sanded with the Bona Power Drive; then I stained with Bona Driftwood and finished with Bona Traffic HD.



2 E 223 Wfb Fm23 Talking Shop Bob Jewell Lg

Bob Jewell

On this 4-inch white oak we used 80 Red Heat on the Hummel, then 80/100 Norton Mesh with interface pads and one weight at 300 rpm with an Epoch.



2 D 223 Wfb Fm23 Talking Shop Bob Alberding

Bob Alberding

This is 8-inch engineered European white oak; I sanded with the Trio, Flip and Mirka Deros with 60–80 Norton Red Heat and 100 mesh. It's DuraSeal Medium Brown top-coated with Loba 2K Duo in extra matte.



2 C 223 Wfb Fm23 Talking Shop Andy Anderson Lg

Andy Anderson

This No. 1 common southern white oak was sanded 60–100 with the big machine, then the same on the edger. It was buffed with 120 using a HydraSand and finished with three coats of Loba Invisible.



2 M 223 Wfb Fm23 Talking Shop Pete Helton Jr Lg

Pete Helton Jr.

This is white oak with Loba Invisible 2K.



2 I 223 Wfb Fm23 Talking Shop Eduardo Hernandez De La Cruz Lg

Eduardo Hernandez De La Cruz

White oak rift and quartered, cut with the big machine 50/80 and 80/100 with the Epoch HD.



2 K 223 Wfb Fm23 Talking Shop Marcin Cieply Lg

Marcin Cieply

I restored this 1970s oak fingerblock in Wrocław, Poland. I used the Hummel with a 36 cross pass, then 50 and 60, then 50, 60 and 80 on the Pallmann Spider, and did gap filling using Blanchon filler with oak sawdust. Then 80 and 100 on the Spider and by three coats of Arboritec Elevate.



2 G 223 Wfb Fm23 Talking Shop Christopher Thorsby Lg

Christopher Thorsby

We sanded his foyer with red oak, maple and Brazilian cherry with the Power Drive, popped and stained it with DuraSeal Provincial and then topped it off with Bona Traffic HD in satin.



2 O 223 Wfb Fm23 Talking Shop Quality Hardwood Flooring Lg

Quality Hardwood Flooring LLC

For this rustic-grade white oak we sanded the entire subfloor and then applied Bona R540; it has a ¼-inch bead of glue under each row. We nailed at a 5-inch spacing and finished with Loba Invisible with a whitener additive.



2 Q 223 Wfb Fm23 Talking Shop Sydney Lebarron Lg

Sydney Lebarron

On this red oak we used 60 on the big machine, 60 on the Trio 60 hardplate, 100 on the big machine, 100 on the Trio, then 120 Mesh on the Trio. We finished with Loba EasyPrime and two coats of Loba Duo semigloss. It was a beautiful floor to work on.



2 P 223 Wfb Fm23 Talking Shop Roc Beysd Lg

Roc Beysd

For this ipé floor in an office building in NYC, we used The FG Aspirator for the dust collection on the edger and US Sander for the big machine. We used the Epoch 110 with the Kyle Neuroh's aluminum plates on a HydraSand. The finish was Bona DTS and Mega in satin.



2 N 223 Wfb Fm23 Talking Shop Plancher Lc Lg

Plancher LC

This red oak was sanded with the Hummel using 50–100, then the EZ-Sand with 100. It was stained with DuraSeal Classic Gray and coated with Vermeister Velvet.

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