We asked our Facebook and Instagram followers the above question. Here are some responses:


Alberto Salinas

I would have liked to know how to tune my tools earlier. I had two floors bounce a long time ago because I didn't know how to tune my edger, and let's just say that back then I wasn't as financially ready to absorb the cost of a resand and having to pay for a professional to work on my edger.


James Urquidez

Borders, inlays, and radius work.


Josh Frink

Building stairs. It sure was nice to be doing that while the guys were laying the floor. And I usually made as much on the stairs as I did the floor.


Jim Sours

Knowing that better knee pads are worth the $$$!


Matt Black

Patience with employees.


Will Cutlip

To love my own work. To understand that an imperfection in a piece of wood that I missed while laying that's going to be under a kitchen cabinet isn't the end of the world. To not be so hard on myself.


Lorie Davidson

The ability to say no!


Jorge Perez

I wish I would have learned to better take care of my body. I have worked hard, long hours for many years.


Orlando Ramirez

Custom inlays, radius and herringbones.


Michael Long

How to set proper expectations with the customer on what to expect and not to expect from their floor.


Jacob Sheldrick

I wish I had a business plan before I got started. It gives your business direction, defines your objectives, maps out strategies to achieve your goals and helps you to manage possible bumps in the road.


Bill Bagley

How to charge for the little extras, and also proper body mechanics! Ouch ...


Quan Nguyen

Subfloor prep.


Bernie Martin

The skill of chemistry … to better understand how adhesives work.


Mike Hanning

Confidence in people skills.


Justin Parat

How to truly sell to people.


Sublime Flooring LLC

Patience and money management.


David Abrahams



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