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How Did You Get Into the Wood Flooring Business?

4 Y 420 Wfb Am20 Talking Shop Curtis Des Rosiers Med

4 Y 420 Wfb Am20 Talking Shop Curtis Des Rosiers Med

Curtis DesRosiers

I used to help my dad on weekends when I was about 13, racking out the floor ... recently we just made a switch to business partners. This photo is my son, who's 1.


Steve Albert

It was a horrible accident … I was playing music on the West Coast and simultaneously slowly starving to death. A "buddy" of mine got me a job, and I've been trapped ever since. So much for being a rock star!


5 E 420 Wfb Am20 Talking Shop Sylvain Oxygene Med

Sylvain Oxygene

I started young!!


Josh Brake

I was bartending in Portland, Ore., in 1997 and this coked up weirdo came in with his buddy. They had stain up to their elbows and were drinking profusely. After a few hours he had not only pointed a gun at me, but offered me a job, as well. His brother got out of prison that week and we started working together, LOL. It was a wild time. Portland was chaotic. And we were, too.


Chris Allred

I'm a third generation wood floor specialist. Collectively my family has over 250 years in the business. I wouldn't have it any other way!


Brendan Hill

My grandfather was a floor sander. I would help him lay parquetry, trowel glue and carry boxes at age 8. When I left high school I went to trade school and got a job with Borthwick Floors … I moved on but now 25 years later I'm back at Borthwick, loving my life.


5 D 420 Wfb Am20 Talking Shop Steve Potter Med

Steve Potter

I started working for my first girlfriend's stepdad when I was 15; I'm 33 now. This pic is me at age 16—my first time on the machine.


Danny Boyd

My dad taught me while telling me not to do it for a living. Sorry, Dad, LOL.


Jamie Jordan

I was getting gas and talked to the guy next to me getting gas, as well. Now 27 years later, here I am.


5 B 420 Wfb Am20 Talking Shop Rose Fall 1 Med

Rose Fall

After a degree in graphic design, I had an internship at the San Francisco Design Center for Golden State Flooring. I thought I would be designing, instead I was learning about wood species, Janka hardness and more. Little did I know that hardwood floors would end up being my passion.


Crystal Morgan

I hated school and when I didn't want to go, my dad took me to work with him ... at 15!


4 Z 420 Wfb Am20 Talking Shop Dan Aeschliman Med

Dan Aeschliman

My father-in-law got me into it about 15 years ago. Love it!


4 W 420 Wfb Am20 Talking Shop Alexis Ftm Med

Alexis Ftm

My inspiration: My grandfather, always working.


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