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Talk Back: What’s the Worst Wood Flooring Advice Anyone Ever Gave You?

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Here are our favorite responses shared by our readers on the WFB Facebook and Instagram pages.

Adrian Molitor “Walk in your finish when you are backing out on a coat with a T-bar.” 

Jeremy Summerford “It will look good when you put the third coat on.”

solidhardwoodflooring “Don’t start a business in 2012 because we are in a recession.” Look who is laughing now! 

Ed Sheridan “The customer will never see it.”

Scott J Walker “Hurry up!”

Dana DeVoe Jr. “You don’t need to acclimate” or ”Wood is grown with water … it’s waterproof.”

Wesley Goetz “We can do that later.”

Kyle Thompson “Just putty it.”

Bill Powell III Old bosses before I went on my own: “If you wear earplugs, you can’t hear how the machine is sanding.”

Marco De La Peza “Put the power cord around your neck.”

youngbrothershw “Trainings are pointless, don’t do them.” That has to be the worst advice ever.

Tung Huynh “You only have to acclimate for two days.”

plankd_flooring “It’s only a small area, shouldn’t take that long.”

Tung Huynh “You only have to acclimate for two days.”

Javier Cardenas “Stay away from the custom design work. Not enough money in it.”

meekskd “The customer is always right.”

Jay Quinene “Putty is your buddy!” “Satin will hide that!” “Just don’t look at it too long!” “Don’t worry, they’re putting a couch there!” “One thick coat will be fine!”

mrboards “A thick coat will make any sanding look good.”

Danny Stenhouse “Lacquer for dough, oil for show.”

Dustin Scott “Just sweep it twice and coat it.”

Boyd Fuller “That will buff out!!” Hahaha!

James and the Giant Floor Sander Co. Before I started my business, they used to say, “Thin to win”—thin coats to save money.

Chuck Kutchera “If you skip nail, you’ll increase your average.” Or, “It doesn’t matter what trowel size you use— smaller makes the adhesive last longer.”

Jim Hyde “Just pour that old poly and mineral spirits into the gutter.”

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