Readers Respond: What Are You Working on This Week?

42 Thompson
Kyle Thompson

WFB asked followers on Facebook to share what they were working on last week. Here’s how they responded:

Josh Hansman

2 Hansman

1 Hansman
Nathan Hourigan

3 Hourigan
Lorie Davidson

Plywood day…yay…

4 Davidson

Nash Maxwell

5 Maxwell
Dane Smidt

7 Smidt
Jon Jackson

This is what the GC said was ready to sand! Look at the gorgeous patch job they did!

8 Jackson

Scot Williamson

9 Williamson
JimBro Kramer

10 Kramer
David Harris

11 Harris
Robert Duffy

12 Duffy
Graziano Calzone CeCparquet

13 Ceceparquet
Alex Hamilton

Final coat Friday! 💪

14 Hamilton

Chuck Kutchera

5 1/4” black cherry engineered. In Cincinnati overlooking the Ohio River.

15 Kutchera

Molitor Traditional Flooring LLC

16 Molitor
Matt Garcia

17 Garcia
Michael Gwin

18 Gwin
Lars Frohnsdorf

Started some shark tooth stairs. Have 60 of them to do in one home.

19 Frohnsdorf

Dan Moskal

20 Moskal
Bill Bagley

About to stretch this birch kitchen 4 feet toward the living room.

21 Bagley

Floor Master Co.

Just finished installation of 6" solid white oak. Waterfall look between kitchen and living area.

22 Floormaster

Ed Sheridan

Tried this in my backyard—nailed it.

23 Sheridan

Papyrus Flooring

24 Papyrus
Jack Toomey

25 Toomey
Tony Horsman

26 Horsman
Rob Griswold

27 Griswold

Patrick J. Russell


28 Russell

Patrick Keith Fogarty

29 Fogarty
Travis Morse

Making that bread 🍞 with these buttery golden 🧈 floors.

30 Morse

Justin Steiner

31 Steiner
Owen James

Sanding up to 100 grit and 1 solvent primer and one 2-part poly. Reclaimed afrormosia C1984 Ex Crossgreen College Library Leeds. Over UFH water system.

32 James

Anthony Perl

Just stained 1,900 square feet of R&Q white oak and 42 stair treads. My back is roached.

33 Perl

Ed Lausche

34 Lausche
Robbie Prevatt

White oak select quarter and riff saw it's going back (water pop, Jacobean stain three coats of poly).

36 Prevatt

Daniel Reddy

Racking out a prefinished floor.

37 Reddy

Bill Powell III

Just a standard sand and finish for a post-WWII house.

38 Powell

Mike Wong

Getting started today good old fridge water line.

39 Wong

Southern Maine Hardwood Flooring

40 Southernmaine
Eric Herman

41 Herman
Kyle Thompson

Just finished this repair and resand. Always rad finding history beneath the floor. They used ferry schedules as shims. House has a ton of history even being completely picked up and moved from one side of town to the other.

42 ThompsonKyle Thompson

Angel Olalde

Edging! Yay! 🙄 😂

43 Olalde

David Merrill

44 Merrill
Scott Eubanks

Prefinished maple being refinished today...

45 Eubanks

Cody McLemore

46 Mclemore
Jorge Perez

47 Perez

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