What’s the Most Embarrassing Mistake You’ve Made on a Job?

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I broke a chandelier with my head once.

Josue Vargas

I hit a pipe while installing over radiant heat ... after telling my guys a million times to be careful.

Jason Vivash

We installed a living/dining room in a new build subdivision in the wrong house. The guys wondered why the drywall wasn't taped yet. Luckily it was the most popular color and it was what they had selected also. This was a long time ago ...

William Roberts

I was doing a border and was squaring up the field with a circular saw and forgot to set the depth to 3/4. I cut through the subfloor; that side was in between the joists, and the whole 12-foot cut dropped down an inch—like what the hell! 🫣

Sprigg Lynn

No breakfast, no lunch, third job, pushing 6 p.m. Moving the 96-year-old woman's furniture back. Couldn't resist eating her tray of fresh peanuts … Last handful, she walked in the room. I apologized and told her how hungry I was. She said, "No worries, I just like to suck the chocolate off the nuts…"

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Dean LaPointe

I broke into a house, moved their furniture to the garage and started to sand their floor. At least they got a free refinish out of the deal.

Jesika Peterson

I had a bad cold and I fell asleep in a closet. We were installing so I thought no way would the homeowners come in. She did, and offered to get me a pillow. 💙🤦‍♀️

Jorge Perez

Six months of hard-labor breast milk gone to sh*t because we popped a breaker to the refrigerator in the basement and forgot to turn it back on. Try backpedaling on that one.

Gregory Dozorec

My first time using a round buffer, it started to wobble, which turned into jumping—resulting in the buffer going right through the drywall between the studs. The painter was laughing so hard he fixed it for me for free.


I was getting ready to do some samples on a floor. I set up the floor fan to dry the water pop faster. When I poured the stain on the floor, I forgot about the fan and the stain flew all over their white cabinets. This all happened right in front of the homeowner and designer, mind you…

Bradley Ripley

Shook a can of stain all over the boss and contractor in their Sunday clothes—all over them and the new wall. I thought the lid was secured.

Cody McLemore

Coated a floor with conversion varnish and forgot to add hardener. Had to tie my shoes as tight as possible to keep them from ripping off when I did the second coat.

Paul Jack

Not shutting the power switch off on a belt sander after the plug came out of the receptacle. I plugged it back in and the sander ran across the room and went through the drywall into the next room and went till the plug came out again. I was 15 years old at the time; since then I always make sure I turn the power switch off of any tool.


Thinking I had the house to myself and used the restroom with the door open. 🤦🏾

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