Readers Respond: What's the Best Thing That Happened to You This Week?

Best Thing This Week23

Patrick J. Russell

I only worked on Monday

Benny Powell

Got to sleep at home with my amazing family every night, was fortunate to have work all week!! Enjoyed some beef tenderloin for my birthday!! Life is good!!

Bill Powell III

All my 1099s went out on time.

Jim Hyde

I bought a new paddle board and set of golf clubs.

Bob Alberding

Tom Ruekert and Travis Arboritec crashed my job site and spent some time talking shop. It was much needed after a rough week. I appreciate the support and your love for the industry.

Andrew Halabrin

Customer decided they wanted to do a stain as I’m making the last pass on the floor. 😡

Robbie Allen

Nothing bad happened.

Daniel Springer

I slept.

Clint Fudge

None of the putty popped out during our finishing process. 👌🍷


Organized my sand and finish van. Also purchased AVAC-26. 🔥


Got 3 out of 5 bids.


I had a cheese steak in Philadelphia.


New clients calling. Always the best thing!


Started a business in NE Florida.


I finished my jobs and got to leave at 4 o’clock on Friday. 😂


Started prepping some new floor samples!


Friday/payday. 😃


Just got a huge job resurfacing all original 120-year-old Doug fir, from the floor to baseboard, to crown molding, and basically any other wood inside this 120-year-old beaut of a house 💪🏽 a whole 100 years older than I 😎.

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