What’s Your Top Advice for When Things Get Slow?

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3 E 424 Wfb Am24 Talking Shop Elise Jenna Djurinovich

Jenna Djurinovich

Tool repair, maintenance and organization. Make some new posts on your FB/IG pages. Chill ...




I do photography when the hardwood floor jobs slow down. Find a hobby and enjoy.



3 F 424 Wfb Am24 Talking Shop Jim Bro Kramer

JimBro Kramer

Play in the dirt with your kid.



Rachel Berlin

Call your past clients. Thank them! Create and nurture relationships!




Start a project at your house you've been wanting to do but haven't had time for. Murphy's law: The day after we demo a bunch of stuff at our house, the phone rings.



David Habib

3 D 424 Wfb Am24 Talking Shop David Habib

Take your wife and kids on a trip somewhere! That's why you work so hard, and they need your time!




Take the time to rest/heal. We all know the flooring life can take a toll. Getting some of the back burner list completed helps, too!



3 H 424 Wfb Am24 Talking Shop Joshua Crossman

Joshua Crossman

Make things that you normally don't have time to make to help upsell a job. Got to invest time now for the future.



Kurt Vollstedt

Forget the word "slow." Don't even think it! It is a self-fulfilling mindset. It's great to take a bit of time off, but that can't go on for too long.



3 G 424 Wfb Am24 Talking Shop Jim Hyde

Jim Hyde

Surf, fish, sleep, repeat ...



Alberto Salinas

Plan vacations in the winter when it slows down and make new brochures, clothes, social media posts and videos. Update the website. Make fresh sample boards with new products or techniques ... Organize stock and, most importantly, enjoy the breathing room, because you'll miss it when it you're slammed again.



3 I 424 Wfb Am24 Talking Shop Mike Somodean

Mike Somodean

Take your kids hunting or fishing.



Nicholas C. Maxson

That depends on how slow, for how long. It also depends on your financial situation. Maybe it's an opportunity to catch up on maintenance or spend time with your family. Maybe it's time to cold-call and knock on doors. Anyone who says they can't control when they are slow needs to read books and get a mentor.



Lars Frohnsdorf

Take care of your body, lose some weight you gained during the busy time when you didn't eat well or exercise.




Enjoy the time off. Take up a hobby. Do whatever, but life is for living, not just for working.



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