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Talk Back: Some Of You Have Never ______ And It Shows

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We asked wood flooring pros to fill in that blank. Here are our favorite responses shared by our readers on the WFB Facebook and Instagram pages.

Bob Goldstein

Hand-nailed 11/2-inch strip. (It shows if your thumbs are not mangled!)

Jim Sours

Found the board stretcher.

T.J. Haas

Climbed a telephone pole to get your own power.


Learned to file a scraper correctly.

David Page

Used a tape measure.


Sat on a tool box in the back of the van with no A/C and smelling oil finish, thinner, and cigarettes the whole way, two ways, every day!


Worn a vapor mask while applying volatile finish.


Cleaned your tools.

David Diaz

Installed a floor without air nailers or sanded without a dust containment system.

JimBro Kramer

Been through inflation.


Read an installation guideline.

Mike Stauffer

Set concrete nails with a sledgehammer.

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Ron Teljeur

Used a Model 45 Powernailer.


Scraped toekicks.


Run an 800-pound split-drum.

Nicholas C Maxson

Worked without Bluetooth headphones.

Ron Vasquez

Laced with a chisel.

Kent Chavis

Had to stretch a dollar from payday to payday.


Sanded and stained without water-popping.

Jeff LaShomb

Did a hard day's work.

Dana DeVoe Jr

Learned to understand the true meaning of EMC.

Chuck Kutchera

Put down your phones!

Glenn Harris

Hand-brushed moisture cure.

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