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Did the title of this article make you stop and look? I’ll bet the reason you are at least going to spend a few minutes reading this is to see if this might apply to you.

How exactly do I make more money? One word: Investment.

I think all of us understand that an investment should make us money. And we probably know that the better investments make more money. So, how does this apply to you?

My challenge to you is simple: Invest in yourself. Now wait, before you move on to the next page, let’s talk about this. Do you want to be in the Top 1% Earners in our industry? If not, move on to the next page and look at the pictures. If you want to make thousands of dollars more in your lifetime, let’s spend a few minutes talking about how you can do it.

I have spent over 30 years leading my team to be the best; what others would call experts. This term (experts) applies only to the best of the best. These are the people in any industry that people admire and, wait for this, PAY MORE FOR.

I am a learner. I have invested (there’s that word, “investment”) a lot of time learning. As a matter of fact, earlier today, like every other day, I spent time learning. This morning, while on the way to work, I spent 45 minutes listening to two podcasts. On the way home tonight, I will spend another 45 minutes listening to an audiobook—simply learning.

I am a true believer that the more I learn, the better I will be and the more I will earn. Truly, it works. How do I know? Well, I now make a lot more than when I started in this business, and my team is one of the highest paid in the industry. It pays to invest in learning.

At this point you are asking, “Where do I start?” Let’s look at a few places that will help you invest in yourself.

Product Knowledge

Make it a point to learn about one product you use every day! This type of information is easily found online. Everyone has a computer, and there are people in our industry who will teach you if you ask.

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Let’s wrap this up. The one thing you need to do now is … decide. Do I want to “Make MORE Money,” or do I want to keep doing the same things I have been doing? Remember, if you do the same things you have been doing, you will get the same results—now and 20 years from now.

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