5 Steps to Improving Wood Flooring Life in 2024

As we bring in the new year, we're offering five steps to improve wood flooring life in 2024. Monumental changes can be great but are intimidating (and unlikely to be maintained). Start with a single step you’ll actually take on a consistent basis. Any one of these can be broken down into a simple, achievable change that helps you begin:





Keep Your Wf BodyStep 1: Take Better Care of Your Body 💪 

It doesn't have to be something intimidating or time-consuming. Start by taking a look at the stretches in this article (designed specifically for wood flooring pros!), then choosing a couple you will commit to doing most days. 





Step 2: Take Better Care of Your MindRespect Your Workhours 🤯

Can you make changes to protect your own mental health and personal time in 2024? Great food for thought in this article from Stephen Potter, “Respect Your Work Hours and Clients Will Do the Same.” Along those lines, you might also find "The Job That Taught Me to Protect My Time and Say ‘No’" from Angelo DeSanto thought-provoking.





A Distinction I Never WantedStep 3: Raise Your Prices 💲💲💲

We know—easier said than done, right? Read these articles from contractors who have done it: “A Distinction I Never Wanted: Being Expensive” from Angelo DeSanto … and “An Interesting Thing Happened When I Raised My Prices” by Tom Hanson.





Stop The ExcusesStep 4: Stop Making Excuses 🗣️

"I have picky customers who don't want to pay for quality." "Low-ball competition is undercutting my bids." Sound familiar? If so, take a careful read through "Stop Making Excuses and Take Responsibility for Your Wood Flooring Business" by Jim Clarey.





On23 Mgment HedStep 5: Improve Your Management 🤝🏽

That sounds intimidating, but you don’t have to do a major overhaul at once. Choose one small step you’ll actually stick to, then go from there. So many options here: “Building Systems to Break the ‘Tradesman’s Curse’ for Growth” by Matt Garcia.



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