Readers Respond: What Is Your Top Goal For 2024?

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WFB asked followers on Facebook and Instagram to share their top goal for the new year. Here’s what they said:

David Friedland

The cover of the Rolling Drum. 🤣

Derek William Carpenter

Everyone GETTING A NEW FLOOR 2024!

Daniel Springer

Get back to a point of being a functional human being. Learn some ways to actually take care of myself so I can focus on work like I used to.

Andrew Halabrin

Hire reliable, good help and get another crew going to take on more work!!

Bill J Lilgreen

Try to work less.

Michael Gwin

Make it out alive.

Terry Akins

Try to find somebody who actually wants to work to learn a trade and have pride in what they do.

Daniel Reddy

Do better.

David Runyon

More consistent schedule.

Bob Jewell

Sell more unfinished installs. Couple thousand feet already on the books for 2024.


Many big wood floor jobs !! ❤️


Not get hurt.


Export our floors to the USA!!!!

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