Embracing Change in Wood Flooring: Navigating New Frontiers

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The wood flooring business is always changing. With new gadgets, eco-concerns, and what customers want, it's a whole new ball game for us in the wood flooring industry. As a wood flooring business owner, dealing with these changes isn't just a good idea—it's a must for staying in the game and growing to the next level.

Get Techie

We're seeing some big changes in how we use tech in the wood flooring world. Machines are doing more of the heavy lifting, making things smoother, less expensive and sometimes better. If you've been doing things the old-school way, you may say that it still gets the job done. And I know diving into new technology might feel a bit outside your comfort zone, but trust me, investing in tech training is like putting rocket boosters on your business. You might even want to team up with some tech-savvy people to make it all easier. Pay attention and give new things a try.

Supply Chain Rollercoaster

Recent global happenings have shown us how uncertain our global supply chains can be. One hiccup and suddenly we're waiting on a critical piece that we need to get the job done, like the floor itself in some cases. To avoid these curveballs, we've got to be more clever. Spread out where you get your materials, stash some supplies for a rainy day, and always think about local sources. Oh, and having a Plan B and a hotline to your suppliers—that's just good business sense.

Training the Troops

As our wood flooring world keeps turning, the skills our team needs to have are shifting, too. In order to keep up, we must invest in our people. They need to know their way around new gadgets, stay up-to-date on products and processes, and what our customers really want. Making learning part of the job is like giving your business a superpower. Whether it's workshops, online courses, or bringing in the experts, a team that knows its stuff is pure gold.

The Wrap-Up

Change in the wood flooring industry is unavoidable. But here's the secret: how we deal with it is totally up to us. New technology, eco-friendly products and processes, keeping up with what customers want, being savvy about supply chains, and making sure our team is on the ball—that's the recipe. Businesses that tackle these changes head-on aren't just riding the waves; they're steering the ship. Being flexible and thinking ahead doesn't just keep us in the game; it puts us in the driver's seat, navigating this ever-changing market. So, let's not just survive change; let's thrive in it.

David Williams is the vice president of Horizon Forest Products.

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