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Easy Tip: Prevention for Floor Scratches from Chairs

Roy Reichow
7 6 15 Roy Chair Floor Protector Off

Most of us manage to convince homeowners that they need to use floor protectors before putting their furniture back on the floors. But the average kitchen chair is not cut flat to meet the floor, and, over time, the chair protection will slide off like this ...

7 6 15 Roy Chair Floor Protector Off

... and damage the floor. A simple preventive tip is to have the homeowner (or a handyman) cut the floor legs flush to the floor. This way, the floor protection pads tend to stay in place much longer:

7 6 15 Roy Chair Floor Protector Cut Flush 

Some contractors may disguise the scratches with repair kits, but keep in mind that any topical products applied to the floor voids the warranty on a prefinished floor. So, the homeowner loses both ways: Scratches aren’t covered in the manufacturer’s warranty, and if homeowners apply anything to the floor to hide the scratches, they void their warranty. Yet again, this is a case where it’s so important for the sales professional to do a good job explaining floor maintenance and what is and isn’t covered in the floor warranty. Statements like “This floor is hard as nails” made by the sales person at the point of sale are a recipe for disaster.

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