Wood Floor Mystery #15: More @#$%* Black Spots … And I Need Your Help

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Wood Floor Mystery 15 Weird Black Spots Gagag

Okay, back off, take it easy, don’t even go there…yes, it’s another black spots blog. Don’t shoot the messenger.

I will now be handing the reins over to you, dear readers and fellow floor pros, because I have to admit something: This is the first one I just can’t solve. (It’s pithing me off—new industry term, you heard it here first 😉).

Here’s what happened: A gentleman from the Southwest had a problem with a property he was renting; he found my original black spots article on the WFB website and emailed me. He thought someone might be retaliating in some way when he discovered the condition of the hardwood floors. Here are photos of the problem (OUCH!), along with a photo showing another room without the damage:

Wood Floor Mystery 15 Weird Black Spots Closeups

I do not have all the information I need to solve this one. I either need someone who witnessed how the flooring was damaged or someone who has seen it before. And this is where you all come in, my fine flooring family.

You can leave a comment or you can email me. Please post your breakdown of the condition of the flooring as you see it: species, size, finish, what specifically are the issues, what might have caused them, what are the possible solutions. And any support material you may have. (It is 60% of your final grade, and I want to see all your work—NO CHAT GTP! Grrrrr!)

You got this! To be fair, I will share some of what I know:

  1. There were reportedly no pets. Reportedly.
  2. There was an insect problem (bed bugs).
  3. Part of the treatment for the insects was heating the home to 115° Fahrenheit.
  4. One room, another door, and most other surfaces are spotless.
  5. The spots could be sanded, but not cleaned away.
  6. The black spots were not growing or spreading.
  7. I was told there were no carpets, but there was no answer on rugs, etc.

Some things to consider: Is there a pattern to the spots? Where there are no spots? If you have formulated a hypothesis on the flooring, do not neglect to consider what’s up with that bedroom door!

What I am hoping for is that at least one of our fellow floor pros has seen this or can identify something I cannot. Put on your wood-floor-brilliant caps and knock this one out of the park for me (please)!

Your time begins … now. Let’s get to it!

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