Jon Hunter

Hit-and-miss sanding on 5-inch white pine with Bona Indoor Wood Oil for the top coat.


Andrew Ogden

We had a customer who wanted this white oak herringbone to look like raw wood. Every type of finish we tried changed the color of the wood too much. I eventually came up with this stain sample in the middle: ten parts Bona Natural, one part Bona White. Applying the stain was a nightmare, it was like applying invisible ink—you literally couldn't see a difference between stained and unstained wood.


Sarah Ruckert Fangmeyer

Three different colors of prefinished acacia.


Wesley Goetz

I did my floors with leftover prefinished. Everyone seems to like it.


Brian Shourds

5-inch livesawn white oak in a dining room that we are weaving into hexagonal tiles in the kitchen.


Nate Sitz

Fir recovered from a train trestle in Great Salt Lake. It was 20% salt by weight. My equipment needed to be thoroughly cleaned/oiled after this job because of rust. (Editor's Note: See the full story about that floor here.)


Caleb Hall

150-plus-year-old European oak pulled out of an old church in France and re-milled in Connecticut. It was around 3,600 feet in widths ranging from 3 to 41/2 inches.


Rick Merwin

Playing with old wine wood.


Mike Hanning

Recycled maple for the field, with a border of 9,600 pennies and Brazilian cherry. (Editor's Note: See the full story about that floor.)


James Mulhern

A stage that goes up for a piano; I wrapped the sides with iroko also. By the window the floor also has hidden storage where 2-by-10-foot sections lift straight up and the pattern continues across.


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