This issue's trick comes from Dan Hawkes at Tru-Line Hardwood Flooring and Dustfree Resurfacing LLC in Whitesboro, N.Y.:

We did bowling lanes for years, and we always lengthened our buffer handles to give them less user fatigue. I believe originally the handle was extended years ago to go under bowling lane pinsetters, but what I noticed was the ease of operation of that buffer compared with those with the regular, shorter handle. The extra leverage the handle offers makes the buffer easier to operate—so much easier that I would train my new guys on it before I let them on the regular buffer. The only downfall to it is it gets a bit tight in a residential hallway, but this isn't really an issue, as you just have to adjust where you are standing to make it work. To make the longer handle,you just need to buy a section of steel pipe the same diameter of the original and make it any length you want, and also extend the wires in the handle—a pretty simple task for anyone who does our line of work.


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