This issue's tip is from Brisbane, Australia-based contractor (and WFB blogger) Greg Ceglarski:

As wood flooring contractors, we spend thousands controlling sawdust with vacuums and DCS systems, and they do a great job. Then we have to empty the vac, and sometimes (more often than not, in my experience) we end up with dust either all over us or thru the garbage (Aussies call them wheelie-bins). Something we do now is use the dust collector in our shop to "suck out" the sawdust from the job-site vacuums. In these pics, you can see we have just used a reducer to plug into the inlet of the vac. Then we shake the bag and finally open the end to clean it completely. The big dust collector has a bin with a bag that gets zip-tied closed and dumped—100 percent dust-free. Look after your lungs by not shaking out the vac bags into the wheelie-bin. If you don't already have one, you can often find a bin-style dust collector in the second-hand classifieds.


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