Readers Respond: Show Us Your Flat Floors

Joe Dawson shared this ultra-flat floor photo.
Joe Dawson shared this ultra-flat floor photo.

WFB shared a recent article in which readers shared their favorite flat photos, and WFB Facebook followers shared many more great flat floors in the comments. For anyone in search of sanding goals, take a look:

Nathan Hourigan

Loba Impact Oil on some Aussie hardwood.

1 Hourigan

George Gav F. Kavetsos

2 Kavetsos
Mark Hanes

3 Hanes
Clint Fudge


4 Fudge

Patrick J. Russell

5 Russel
Angel Olalde

6 Olalde
Andy Werkmeister

7 Werkmeister
Glen Gilbertson


8 Gilbertson

Will Cooper

9 Cooper
Scott Cooksey

10 Cooksey
Joe Dawson

Joe Dawson shared this ultra-flat floor photo.Joe Dawson shared this ultra-flat floor photo.
Lars Frohnsdorf

13 Frohnsdorf
Mark Opperman

14 Opperman
Robbie Allen

15 Allen
Scott Eubanks

16 Eubanks
RJ Cunningham

17 Cunningham

Jayson Williamson

20 Williamson
Nick Spano

21 Spano
Exotic Flooring & Designs LLC

22 Exotic

Neal Garcia

23 Garcia
Jordan Hall

24 Hall
Sean Clark

25 Clark
Hardwoods By Design

27 Hardwoodsbydesign
James Michael Crisp

28 Crisp
Bradley Henderson

29 Henderson

Can't get enough flat floor pics? See more photos of flat wood floors from fellow pros at this link.

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