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General Finishes Jet Black water-based stain with water-based urethane.


Allen Rapaport

I would water-pop with black dye from Lockwood, then use DuraSeal True Black. Then universal sealer and Bona Naturale.


Dan Aeschliman

This floor started off as prefinished bird's-eye maple floor. We sanded and water-popped, used Ebony stain, Bona Intense Sealer and two coats of Traffic HD Satin.



Loba Pretone Black, then either True Black stain and finish or Rubio hardwax Charcoal.


Bob Alberding

On oak, water-pop and stain with DuraSeal True Black, and let sit for at least 48 hours before topcoating. If that's not dark enough, you can add iron acetate on a white oak floor, then stain. If you still need more you can add tinted finish to the mix, like a Basic Coatings HyperTone mixed with finish.



White oak flooring, char it with a quick burn, wire-brush, then apply Rubio Ebony finish.


Nora Gutierrez

Glitsa Sable Black! Water-popped white oak. Another company had already tried to tint coat to get the deepness my customer wanted, but this got it with one coat.


Kingsley Wong

India ink. Period.



I actually used a very dark gel stain. It went against everything I believed in but the homeowner was all for it. I used the darkest color I could find and applied three coats and two coats of finish on top. It's black and it came out more beautiful than I expected.


Chris Hodges

Paint it black and put two coats of water over it.


Brian Adams

This is Rubio Precolor Easy Intense Black with Bona Traffic Satin finish over walnut wood.


Michael Kerner

Iron acetate followed by True Black or Ebony. The iron acetate gives background color and pops the grain for the stain.


Scott J. Walker

Black TransTint aniline dye. Seal it with oil or dewaxed shellac. Then sit back and wait for them to complain about it showing everything.


Chris Kritzer

Tigerwood does not like to be black; we used black aniline dye with Bona Ebony with black-tinted finish.


Beaver Hardwood

Bona Ebony. Provincial for border. Traffic finish.


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