We asked wood flooring pros on social media to show us the best views they've had while working on a wood flooring job. Here are some of our favorite responses:


Anthony Bauza

A penthouse in Brooklyn with a stunning view of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge, and the New York City skyline.


Raphael Chee

A dance floor on campus in Logan, Utah.


Wesley Goetz

Gloucester, Va., on the Chesapeake Bay. Bringing some sun damaged floors back to life.


Chuck Kutchera

Three miles east of Cincinnati. I've had four different jobs in the past month with views similar to this.


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Dmitry Lyubomirsky

Central Park in New York City.


George Gav F. Kavetsos

An Iroko deck balcony on the top of the hill located at N. Voutzas, Athens, Greece.


Robert Patterson

Typical evening view from my Palos Verdes job site with Santa Catalina Island to the left.


Eric Herman

Park Avenue in New York City.


Sean Tupper

Last week's view!


Bradford Lawson

Victoria, B.C.


Ron Teljeur

Gunn Lake, BC, Canada. Installing 1,200 square feet of select hickory with my two sons at a remote cabin. Eating on the deck with fabulous views and my boys


Robbie Prevatt

A job I was on about 3 weeks ago—the eighth floor in Jacksonville Beach, Fla., working for Boone Flooring.


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