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What Was Normal on a Wood Flooring Job Site When You Started That Would Never Happen Today?

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Sticking raw wires in 220 outlets.

Ron Schuetz

Hand-scraping under radiators.

Harvey Penner

Answering the phone at the customer's house because that's how the shop contacted you. It was normal.

Chris Kritzer

Back in the day the first thing that got set up was the stereo—louder than the machines.


SWEEPING up the dust from the buffer.

Mark Hanes

Printed Yahoo maps. And you'd still get lost trying to find the jobs. This is how the wrong house gets sanded.

Shane Jones

Smoking inside other people's homes.

Harvey Penner

Sending estimates by mail, waiting for a mail reply, this could take a month or more. Now it's THIS SECOND!


Hand-nailing rips with case-hardened nails, and edger bags with holes in them dusting the house up.

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Customers actually wanting some squeaks and creaks in the floor, because it's actual wood and that's what wood does. You know, it still thinks it's a tree.

Jim Kramer

I used to be the paper cutter. I'd have to cut the paper for the drums and the edgers before I could even run a broom. We also used to not be available during working hours. We checked messages and faxes and made phone calls after we returned to the shop. I really miss that, LOL.


Top-nailing the opening and closing rows. Especially the last three rows.

Tony Horsman

Driving to find a payphone if you needed to call the shop.

Mark Crooks

Sealing the area in plastic.


Hard plating with a 16" single-sided 80 grit paper with a 4" hole bolted on to a steel buffer plate with a 1/2" felt backing pad glued to the plate. Removin' some chattah! Lol.


A clean subfloor. Now it's under an inch of drywall mud.

Bradford Lawson

Undercutting door jambs by hand. What a waste of time!

Chris Allred

Lambswool coating pads.

Steven Triplett Jr.

Beer in the lunch box.

Alfredo Graham

Cleaning glue off the floor with paint thinner.

Brendon Newell

Staining by hand with rags. Hand-sanding all edges to blend the drum/edger.

Derek Fenderson

Installing non-nested bundles and using a chisel before the multitool.

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