Sorry to my fellow woodies for taking so long to put pen to paper, I came to America and was jolted by your awesome country and your awesome people. I have knuckled down in our business so that we have the funds to make it a regular thing. Subsequently time has been lacking and I have so many ideas but no time to write.

I invented an overlay step style (named the Lapraik Step) that I want to share with you in-depth, and the article will be done as soon as I can. In the meantime...

I have spent some time wondering if electricians have the passion we wood floor peeps do? Do plasterers have 14 Facebook groups they belong to? Are there brick layers with 100K+ views of them placing a brick? Are there house painters with 20-something-thousand Insta followers? Do tilers have sworn enemies cause some other guy is not as passionate as they are? Are there carpenters who can travel across this planet and have other carpenters come to meet with them ... Nope, I can't see it.

A floor can be installed correctly, or it can be installed correctly AND beautifully.

Our chosen craft is unique. It's a trade; it takes skill and technique to do it well. It is something that is taught and learnt and has many layers of depth of skill ... but this skill is multiplied by the artistic ability of the individual. A floor can be installed correctly, or it can be installed correctly AND beautifully.

Art is developed. I consider myself so lucky to have fallen into wood flooring—something I’ll do till I’m dead. I feel I have an artistic flair and a degree of taste. Both were nurtured by reading architectural magazines, visiting display homes, following designers on social media and more. It's not hard but it can be the difference—the edge—you have on the next guy/girl.

We are all so lucky to be able to do “The Art of Wood Flooring," and if you feel like you need help getting there, all you have to do is look for opportunities like the Extreme Wood Floors Course that just happened. [Note from the editor: See photos from that course here.]

Greg Ceglarski and his partner, Cairo Chapman, have a small timber flooring business in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, called Scribed Flooring. Greg’s evolution (some may say de-evolution) into installing timber floors has been unorthodox to say the least; he began his flooring life selling carpet before climbing the corporate ladder to become the state sales manager of Australia's largest flooring company, training and managing 40 sales staff before owning and running his own franchise, then finally falling into installation when a contractor cancelled on a job in the 11th hour.

Being mainly self-taught, he has always been open-minded about the possibilities when it comes to timber floors and not realising that some things could not be done (or should be done). He has had some fantastic successes and also some expensive failures.

Greg has also won some ATFA trophies, including the 2016 Pre Finished runner up and Installed Floor win and Overall Floor of the Year; he backed that up in 2017 with runner up Pre Finished stairs and a win with Pre Finished.

As Greg’s focus is on installation, he likes to live in “prefinished land,” as he thinks it’s far more challenging installing a coated floor, trying to achieve the things you usually only see in a sanded and coated floor. Challenging staircases always seem to find Greg, and over the last 10 years he has developed a secret method of “folding” timber into an indestructible stair nosing, which he is happy to make for anybody.