What’s Your Best Advice to Avoid Trouble When Staining?

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We asked wood flooring pros to offer their best advice for staining success. Here's what they said about techniques for creating great stain jobs:


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Chris Kulakowsky

You can't have a good stain job without a good sand job.


Jorge Perez

Cut all airflow and don't sweat it ... literally, don't sweat on my floors!


Jeff Herrick

Take your time sanding, and water-pop.


Tommy Stuart

Proper dry time on everything, then extra drying time.


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Ron Begg Jr.

Make a good game plan for large jobs, don't drag your feet, and never trust another worker's detail sanding—always look it over.


John Alford

Understand your grit sequence, and learn how to blend your edges in with the field. If done properly, no water-pop is necessary unless you want the stain to be a little darker.


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Staci Martinez

Use the proper sequence of sandpaper. Orbital around the edges with the same grit you finished with the edger. Watch for j-hooks, and finish by screening with a 120 screen. Water-pop for a more consistent color.


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Nicholas C. Maxson

Bright lights. So many bright, bright lights.


Kyle Meeks

Sand every job like it's going true black. If you sand every floor the same way, every time, you get consistent results and it's not a big deal when they do go dark.


Paul Secondino

Give it the appropriate amount of time before adding finish and be sure to charge good money for your hard work.


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Arron Smith

Make sure to remove every last scratch. The edger and belt sander will cut the wood different, making the edges look darker or lighter. Also, the last edge-sand should be one grit lower than your last belt.


Zzz 621 Wfb Jj21 Talking Shop James Toal Med

James Toal

The difference between an "OK" stain and an "awesome" stain job is about 45 minutes. Take the time to double-check all your details.


Woodchuck Golv

Sand each sequence, watch your drum drop feathering in, watch your machine lines, don't lift the edger, use good lighting, vacuum between your final cuts, and don't forget the corners.


Grande Refinishing

Quality sanding with no skipped steps is key. Understand your type of abrasives, not just the grits.


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Jamie Strohmeyer

Good sanding techniques and paying attention to the details. Slow down and focus on quality, not quantity. Be sure the stain is stirred thoroughly, and stir as you go.


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