How Do You Control Dust on Your Wood Flooring Jobs?

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2 Y 623 Wfb Jj23 Talking Shop Oscar Ulises Carrillo

Oscar Ulises Carrillo

Air movers, vacuum and air scrubber!



Chuck Kutchera

I do most of my cutting outside.



2 W 623 Wfb Jj23 Talking Shop David Friedland

David Friedland

Absolutely love the FG Aspirator, it's a beast.



Elijah King

I tell them when you sand a floor it creates dust, so there will be dust.



3 B 623 Wfb Jj23 Talking Shop Pietro Parquet Corrao

Pietro Parquet Corrao

This Bona setup allows me to have a clean environment. Money well-spent.



Jay Quinene

Thorough vac before starting a project. Oneida Dust Cobra, shop vac with the Dust Deputy, and the Vortex on the big machine. Vac after each pass so machines don't kick up dust on the floor.



2 Z 623 Wfb Jj23 Talking Shop Josh Hansman

Josh Hansman

I always prefer to cut inside the house, so I will isolate the saws to a closed-off room to contain minimal dust throughout the house. If there is not a room available, then I'll do four ZipWall poles and plastic off a temporary room to use as a cut station.  



6 B 623 Wfb Jj23 Talking Shop Bob Jewell2

Bob Jewell

Oneida Vortex Dust Cobra /Vortex DCS on the Lägler Hummel is an absolute game changer in cleanliness, then we have Festool for everything else. No tape, plastic, time hanging, etc. Hook up the juice and let 'er rip!



Nicholas C. Maxson

Bona DCS 2.0 and a Cobra and a couple ProTeam MegaVacs and a shop vac and a DeWalt 13-gallon shop vac with a Dust Deputy and a portable DeWalt vacuum … I think that's it.



2 V 623 Wfb Jj23 Talking Shop Jonathan Colpron

Jonathan Colpron

American Sanders AVAC or Dust Cobra primarily, and Festool CT48 for orbitals.



Kevin Kocher

We just redid a floor that the jokers before us used a leaf blower to clean the floors. Grit in the finish was one of many complaints they had—imagine that.



2 X 623 Wfb Jj23 Talking Shop Daniel Springer

Daniel Springer

I run a really old model X-839 Minuteman 15-gallon vacuum. Scored it for 25 bucks. I also have a small plastic Douglas shop vac I use for odd jobs and repairs because the other one is heavy, LOL.



Karla Contreras

I use vacuums and keep cleaning the dust bag, and at the end I feel like a cleaning lady cleaning countertops, windows and floor air vents.



Shawn Hegwood

The R2D2 [American Sanders AVAC 12-P] on edger, buffer, orbital, and hang plastic.



Kyle Thompson

Bona Atomic Trailer, Festool CT 48 E AC.



Bee Ha

For years we mistook dust-free as in dust is everywhere for you for free. My badddd.


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