Brad Visser

The Demo Hawg.


Juan Alcala

A Skil saw and multi tool!

James Mulhern

A 45-ounce dead-blow mallet and a 42-inch crowbar.

Ron Begg Jr.

A Burke bar, Skil saw and water.

Nathan Kelly

Run the Skil saw every 36 inches all the way through the floor. It comes up like butter.








Brad Fultz

A phone—to call someone for subbing it out.

Sprigg Singleton Lynn

An 18–22-year-old.

Charles Carroll

Use a circular saw to make relief cuts about every 2 feet cross grain, then use a prybar/flat bar to release the flooring, then use channel lock pliers to remove what nails or staples are left behind, then vacuum up. Don’t stir up too much dust—I vacuum after I make saw cuts, then I’ll do the removal.






Keith Christopherson

Pry bar and good ol’ fashioned rage.

Brandon Paine

The Turbo Stripper!






Daniel Foster

A Skil saw, crowbar, toe-kick saw, and some #&@% blood, sweat and a lot of cussing.

Josh Schaeffer

The Bosch rotary, aka “babyjack,” is my favorite secret weapon for any demo or repair.

David Fuller

I used a Bobcat with forks on track systems—works great.






David Potter

My tip is: Whatever you think is a fair price ... triple it.

Keith Verdin

Hire a demolition crew to do it!

Greg Hebert

A roof-stripping shovel.






Mark Altschuler


Dave Medellin

On a glue-down, a big Makita jack after making 16-inch cuts with a circular saw.

Brent Ross

My favorite tool for demo is a young apprentice with a strong back.

David van der Weegen

Let someone else quote it.

Ryan DeGrange

I love the Zenith trim puller; it doesn’t damage the wall or the trim and makes life much easier. Also a toe-kick saw for tight corners and under cabinets etc.





David Habib

The Gutster demo bar.



Blake Resnick

A roofing shear!

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