From Carpet to Diagonal Hardwood Flooring, Part 2

Hello all, Keith Long here with Thunderheart Flooring to continue with the flooring project we started last time where we were ripping out carpeting before installing hardwood on the diagonal.Now... Read More

Crazy Customers: A Tale of Old Mr. Welcome

Over the years, usually around the holidays or at company outings, we often share stories about our customers and their many exploits. We debate who could take whom in a cage match, who is our... Read More

Herringbone Conundrums & Seniors Day at Henry Ford’s Fair Lane

Evidently Henry and Clara Ford were somewhat fond of the herringbone pattern. They have about 18,000 square feet of it in the home they built in Dearborn, Mich., in 1915. It’s quartersawn white... Read More

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A Six-Year Index of Green Blog Posts

So here we are, coming up toward the end of another year, so I think it’s time to wrap up the six years of blogging with one final big index! This will be my last regular post here, but I’ve told... Read More

A Compliance Culture

My first blog was August in 2010. That’s six years of posts and well, I think it’s time to take a bit of a break. I’ll come back now and then because I do like the team at the newly christened... Read More

Gate Wood Concerns

What is “gate wood?” Generally gate wood refers to logs brought to a sawmill that were not pre-ordered, purchased as standing timber or ordered under contract by the mill. Usually offered by... Read More

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Avoid Trouble—Or Even Make Money—When Covering Your Floor

Here’s a scenario from the job site; maybe it sounds familiar to you: After completion of the wood flooring installation, the floor is covered to protect it from construction debris and moisture. Read More

What This Cabinet Inspection Has to Do With Wood Floors

After building a new home, you go through the punch list of all the things that need to be fixed, such as nail pops, dinged up walls and doors, missing stain on cabinets, etc. It’s a common... Read More

Who’s Liable When Things Go Wrong?

Have you had issues like this before? There’s a complaint on your wood floor and the blame game begins: The seller (often the retailer) says it’s an installer problem, and the installer says... Read More

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