A Wood Floor Pro’s Rant: Post-It Notes and Slow-Pay Customers

Recently, I reacted to a fellow wood flooring pro posting in a Facebook group regarding an issue with a homeowner and Post-It notes. The homeowner left many Post-It notes to mark places on the wood... Read More

Tackling the Refinishing of Revolutionary War-Era Historic Maple Floors

Earlier this year I was asked to evaluate the maple floors in the Great Hall of Faneuil Hall, which is a historic landmark building in Boston where Revolutionary-era meetings and protests... Read More

Can You Be King of the Hill in Your Wood Flooring Market?

I never met Willard, but I sure have learned a lot from him. In telling this story I’m making a few assumptions but parroting what his customer told me with 100 percent accuracy. Back in 1993 I was... Read More

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A Six-Year Index of Green Blog Posts

So here we are, coming up toward the end of another year, so I think it’s time to wrap up the six years of blogging with one final big index! This will be my last regular post here, but I’ve told... Read More

A Compliance Culture

My first blog was August in 2010. That’s six years of posts and well, I think it’s time to take a bit of a break. I’ll come back now and then because I do like the team at the newly christened... Read More

Gate Wood Concerns

What is “gate wood?” Generally gate wood refers to logs brought to a sawmill that were not pre-ordered, purchased as standing timber or ordered under contract by the mill. Usually offered by... Read More

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Inspection Protection: How to NOT Get Thrown Under the Bus

On one of my latest inspections, it was already agreed by all parties that the floor was going to be replaced. The distributor wanted the independent inspection to happen on the day of the flooring... Read More

Engineered Wood Flooring Out in the African Bush

The story starts out with my son, Brent Reichow, giving my wife and I a trip to South Africa and a safari expedition in the Okavango Delta of northern Botswana. I was so excited to see all the... Read More

An Interesting Way to Dry Wet Subfloors

As wood flooring contractors, we have all been faced at one time or another with a subfloor that is too wet and will not dry within the industry guidelines. I recall in my contracting days that... Read More

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