Sponsored Blog: Five Reasons (and More) It’s Worth It to Come to DuraSeal Training

We just opened our Chicago Training Center, and it’s exciting to have a centrally located training facility for wood flooring pros to come to one of our three-day schools. At the schools we go... Read More

What I Wear to Call on Customers

Before I opened my wood floor business I was in the world of sales, wearing a shirt and tie every day. Now that I’m a wood floor pro I spend a lot of days covered in sawdust. When I call on... Read More

What I Really Think About the 'Controlling Subcontractor Price Creep' Article

I started to write this article maybe eight times, and I hope this version comes out best. I read the article “Self-Taught MBA: Controlling Subcontractor Price Creep” from Fine Homebuilding... Read More

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A Six-Year Index of Green Blog Posts

So here we are, coming up toward the end of another year, so I think it’s time to wrap up the six years of blogging with one final big index! This will be my last regular post here, but I’ve told... Read More

A Compliance Culture

My first blog was August in 2010. That’s six years of posts and well, I think it’s time to take a bit of a break. I’ll come back now and then because I do like the team at the newly christened... Read More

Gate Wood Concerns

What is “gate wood?” Generally gate wood refers to logs brought to a sawmill that were not pre-ordered, purchased as standing timber or ordered under contract by the mill. Usually offered by... Read More

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The Installer's Dilemma: Beware What's in Those Instructions

It’s not uncommon for the installation crew of four to six to show up on Monday to install a wood floor for the retailer. After completing the subfloor prep, they roll out the underlayment paper... Read More

How Many Times Have You Seen This Vent Shortcut?

Many times during the wood flooring installation process you need to fit the flooring around a forced air heat vent, and of course it’s easier to keep the line straight with the edge of the... Read More

Inspection Protection: How to NOT Get Thrown Under the Bus

On one of my latest inspections, it was already agreed by all parties that the floor was going to be replaced. The distributor wanted the independent inspection to happen on the day of the flooring... Read More

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