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Crawlspace Moisture, Again

Wayne Lee

Friday did not go as planned but in a good way: The homeowner wants us to do more work for them. Today's job will start one day late-not a big deal, I just hope we can make up the lost day.

I am a little concerned with one job we did almost one year ago. The crawlspace became so super high with RH that the ductwork started to sweat; now it's to the point that they have 1/2 inch of water on top of the plastic. They feel like it is my problem. I spoke with Mickey Moore to see how far out I should reach to fix this. At what point do I say you need to hire a HVAC company to fix the RH problem?

I know that I cannot control the home but I also do not want to leave folks hanging. So my plan is to show them that the problem is not me but the RH. The trouble is the insurance company is telling them to open up the crawlspace and that I am wrong. I have got some homework to do to prove my point and request that they hire a HVAC company to fix it.

We are also still in battle with high moisture in the subfloors. It's running 18-21% with wood at 6-9%. How do we install over that? I am glad we do not have a ton of installs right now; most of our work is sand and finish.

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