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Life Changes

Wayne Lee

The crews got the tile job done today, so we are off to Humbolt to start a 650-foot install; we prefer to let them sit a few days after the install just to make sure the floor does not move. The RH is so high right now that it makes me nervous to install; we are at 98 degrees and 88 percent RH-not the best of times to install. I've got an off feeling about the subfloor, so we will coat the subfloor with poly to slow down the movement.  It is a job to add on to the work that is already there, but it will be easy to do, so not a big deal.

I had a guy ask if we need help and the truth is we will soon. My worker Ben is going to Great Lakes Navel Base for his new chapter in life, and Eathan is going back to school to start law enforcement. I am glad they are making smart changes to their lives. The only thing that makes me nervous is the man who called has had a rough life and spent some time in county jail. I am always ready to give a hand up and a second chance, but I do need to think this one out.

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