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Cupping Complaints

Wayne Lee

I woke up with a strange feeling … wet subfloors, wet subfloors, like a bad dream over and over. Then I got two phone calls with complaints about floors cupping and popping. I was thanking the Lord they were none of ours, but then-bang!-got a call about one that was our floor. All three floors are cupping; all the subfloors are wet from RH. The AC pipes are dripping with water. I keep telling them to get air movement and shut down the crawlspace vents, but they all say the same thing ("I opened them to get more air.") Well, all that does is let in more outside high-RH air. (I feel like a broken record.) So I went to look at floors that I cannot do a thing about until they lay back down (but I'm glad folks call us).

Our job right now has mold on top of the plywood; I took photos to show the homeowner in the morning. I had the folks come by the jobsite to give a quote to install dehumidifiers. Dang, they are high: $2,800 installed. This will help with mold, pests, work the AC unit less, save money and drop the RH so the wood can live well in the home.

Joey wore me out nailing and I hurt, but we are back on track; that man can swing a hammer. I am spent but never let the crew know. They are like a pack of wild dogs: any weakness and they will jump all over you. I do not need them pulling my chain all day over the fact I am older.

I am glad we have work for the next few weeks and I am glad we are all ready to get the work done fast. I need to pull a permit on a job in Paris (Tennessee, that is!), as they are going all-out with some wonderful upgrades. Let's hope the bad dreams go away tonight-I am scared of the wet-subfloor boogieman.

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