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Following Up Pays Off

Wayne Lee

I know words hold power and, used wrong, they can hurt, but I have to say: I hate carpet and tack strips. I took the carpet to the city dump to get rid of it and I cut my finger on the tacks. Hate that stuff!

Today the homeowner had us put in the dehumidifier; I am so glad because the meter was reading 88% RH under the house and 43% in the house. That is a huge monkey off my back; we go back Monday to sand and finish, so I will post the new numbers. Overall, today was a simple, no-trouble day-nice to have one so you can just rest your mind.

I went on an estimate after work today. The fellow said that I was the third call he made to get a estimate but the only one to call back and set up a time to look at the job. In the hard times we are in, that blows me away ... work is so hard to find right now. I should get the job. I called a lady that I did an estimate for over two weeks ago just to call and see if she gave the job to someone else, but to my amazement she told me the same story: I was the only one to follow up with her and make the extra effort. She said when they have it done, Cardinal Hardwood will be the ones doing the work. So all I can say is: Follow up and do your homework!

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