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Installs for $0.75/foot!

Wayne Lee

Well, the dehumidifier is working; the RH down in two days to 74% from 95%, thank you very much. This helps me sleep at night because I do not have to fear the cupping on this job, in fact we are going to present the unit to anyone with wet or damp crawlspaces.

Joey took a day off just to get some stuff done, so that let me and Big E loose; we had a ton to do but got it all done. I got 600 feet ready for final edge and buff while he did some install work in a closet we did not know had to be done. I spoke with a wood flooring friend in New York today, and he is not happy with folks lowering the price just to do work. He said that a guy in his area is trying to get the work at $1.25 per foot for sand and finish, and install for $0.75 per foot. What is wrong with these guys? You cannot make money like that. They have no insurance and they pay cash to the folks working for them. That is wrong!

I got two more calls today with cupping floors-not our jobs, but still, we want to help. The trouble is the RH is just so high this year. It is hard to install right now but the tricks we do are paying off. I hope that they keep working. It's 112 with the heat index, so going outside to cut is HOT. I wish we could cut in the home, but no-go on that one. It's a remodel, so we cannot make dust for the rest of the house. It will slow us down, but like I said, we got it all done and are looking to be done mid-week so that we can go to the next job: 700 feet of just a resand. Yay, a simple job... but wait, one hallway is the old V-bevel, and they want that sanded out. The task can be done, but just to make sure I think I'll do that one myself. Not to be ugly,  but this is a hard floor to sand. We can do it, though, and I know we can make it look great.

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