A contractor in Colorado did a job once where the customers were out of town and they left a general contractor in charge. As he tells it:

"The dude tells us, 'You can show up as early as you want and work as late as you want; the customer is out of town.' So two days into the project we got the floor stained and decided we would come back early the next morning to get the water-base coats down. We showed up at 5 a.m. The GC had pulled one of their mattresses out of the garage, put it right on the raw stained floors in the living room and was passed out in his tighty-whities surrounded by beer cans and an empty bottle of Jack. Had I been the customer I would have been absolutely livid this creep was half-naked sleeping on my mattress in my house drunk as a skunk having the time of his life. But I'm the floor guy, so I was absolutely livid this jackass dragged a mattress across raw stain and thought it was OK to sleep there for the night."

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