Micheal Seeley, founder and owner of MS Hardwood Floors in Lakewood, Colo., had an excavator throw a wrench into a job he was working on for a GC:

"I was working on a floor in a brick carriage house, and a guy was running an excavator outside trying to grade the north side of the place in the dead of winter. He was literally moving chunks of ice-soil. All of a sudden a huge slab of that ice-soil broke free, and he hit the wall with the bucket of the excavator. A big section of brick came down, and the sliding glass door shattered—all over my floor. I called the GC and asked him to call me once this catastrophe was fixed. I was going to be water popping the floor to prep it for an ebony stain, and he asked if I could 'just blend' the area of broken glass and muddy footprints when I returned."


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