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If You Could Change One Decision In Your Career, What Would It Be?

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We asked wood floor pros the above question. Here are some responses shared by our readers on the WFB Facebook and Instagram pages.



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Charles Palyu

Working for a family business—the biggest mistake, especially when they expand for profits and not craftsmanship.



Darin Dupree

Not trying different things enough, especially stains and finishes.



Josh Hansman

Not getting a table to put my miter/table saws on instead of having them on the floor.



Ojj 1021 Wfb On21 Talking Shop Emory Stansal Lg

Emory Stansal

Investing in the best knee pads!!



Ron Lackey

I should have gone into business for myself a lot earlier.



Omm 1021 Wfb On21 Talking Shop Ryan Wilson Lg

Ryan Wilson

I wish I would have started straight out of high school.



Jim Hyde

I would have charged more sooner.



Titoe Gomez

Not using an edger dolly.


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Rene Munoz

Starting in a small town cornered by a few.



Okk 1021 Wfb On21 Talking Shop Jeremy Ruff Lg

Jeremy Ruff

Learning to run a business vs. just being a contractor.



Joel Barkelew

Trying to take on every job I bid.



Dave Boucher

I would've had an excavating company. Those guys have the entire job budget to blow before anyone.



Lorie Davidson

Get involved with education and networking much earlier in my career.



Steve Albert

I would have learned about marketing much earlier on.



Wesley Goetz

I would have started wearing knee pads and ear protection a long time ago.



Tchardwood Floors

Taking on high volume/big square footage but not-so-profitable jobs.



Orr 1021 Wfb On21 Talking Shop David Diaz Lg

David Diaz

I would have gotten a rider sander sooner.



Casey Ditsworth

I would've incorporated taking business classes in addition to doing the job itself.



Troy Stanfield

Not employing friends.




Learning to never take orders from the builder about when to install!



Jason Mack

I would have started my own business sooner.



Oll 1021 Wfb On21 Talking Shop J Rodz Lg

Johnny Rodriguez

I would have spent more time with my family sooner.



Joel E. Arias

I should've started sooner.




Not being so stubborn and thinking what I've done works, why change? Learn as much as you can so you stay on the front edge of the curve.



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