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Talk Back: What’s Your Biggest Wood Flooring Pet Peeve?

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Randy Allen
Seeing blue painter’s tape taped to my finished floor after telling them, “Don’t put tape on the floor.”

When people say, “It’s like a big puzzle.”

Nash Maxwell
When the homeowner is on hands and knees looking at floor.

Frank Barnes
Not moving the furniture.

Mikie White
Stairstep patterns from hack installers.

Jason Wirsing
Working for engineers.

Chris Lynch
When the owner wants to choose where each individual board goes. Lay it yourself then!

Emery Landry
Homeowners asking for quotes just so they can get insurance money.

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Tchardwood Floors
Placing joints in doorway planks.

Lou Buono Jr.
Being asked to pick up and deliver flooring they bought elsewhere.

Steven Triplett Jr.
Bundles full of shorts. It drives me crazy. They fall apart as you bring them in. Has me missing the days before nested bundles!

Michael Schuetz
People thinking it costs a fraction of what it really costs, especially when it comes to stairs.

Nicholas C Maxson
“You don’t have to do the whole deal, it just needs a light sanding.”

Tanner Mitchell
Hitting shake when buffing before final coat.

“I want the hardest finish possible, even if it is illegal.”

Jeffrey Odachowski
Every other contractor.

“Make sure there 3 thick coats.”  

“I’m surprised you’re still here.”

Andy Anderson
Calling all finish “shellac.” I have to bite my tongue every time. “When are you going to put the shellac on?”

Derek Swegle
When a homeowner controls the thermostat remotely.

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