A client and friend of mine, Chris Murphy from C.S. Murphy Hardwood Flooring in Tewksbury, MA, was hired for a project for a very prominent family in the Boston metro area, and he was amazed when he gazed upon their beautiful grand piano. The piano’s original color was a deep, rich, walnut color, and, as this photo reveals, daily exposure to sunlight turned the wood so light that it appears to be American cherry! Observe that the lid was open for years, and once closed, the true, rich, dark color revealed itself in areas that hadn’t been exposed to any light (notice how if the lid were folded, what a perfect match there is). Chris says the backside of the piano is as faded as the front. Imagine that this piano costs about 10 times what a wood floor its size would cost, and then imagine what would your customer say if this were their hardwood floor?!?!  

Stephen Diggins works for Wood Pro Inc. in their Salem, N.H., branch as manager and training director. He has many years of installation, sanding, finishing, gymnasium design and technical consulting experience, which he uses to assist his flooring customers on a regular basis. With almost 30 years in the flooring industry, he has been a freelance columnist for magazine, newsprint and online medias and has conducted product seminars ranging from wood flooring to luxury vinyl tile.