We are doing a 100-year-old home now with Southern yellow pine in half the house and reclaimed heart pine in the rest. They want both to have the same look while keeping the character that both offer… I dislike interior decorators at times. They just do not understand what stain and finish do to wood. I had to do three repairs in the yellow pine with new pine, making it look 100 years old and matching the color.  You know that was a task … worm holes and old faded finish. I mixed Gunstock, Medium Brown and Provincial to get the look; then the decorator said it did not look right. I told her to wait till the finish gets on the wood and then say something.

Well, she could not say a word after the finish hit it! I'm very happy with our work at the job; it does all look the same. We got the heart pine looking rich and the yellow pine looking renewed. We are done ahead of time-three days, in fact.

Wayne Lee

Wayne Lee worked for a sanding machine manufacturer for 24 years before starting his own wood floor and tile contracting business, Cardinal Hardwood & Tile, full time in 2008. In 2013 he began working as business development and technical advisor for Middle Tennessee Lumber. Wayne has taught thousands of students at wood flooring schools and has his Craftsman, Master Craftsman, Vanguard and Ambassador degrees from the NWFA. He is based in Springville, Tenn., where he lives with his wife of 30 years, two daughters, one dog and three barn cats.